Main Street

Welcome to Main Street

Main Street at Lyndale Abilene Memory Care is a core part of our Memory Care programming. Designed to resemble a small town or city center with interactive shops, Main Street offers our residents a chance to refine their life skills, achieve a sense of purpose, and maintain as much independence as possible. We love watching our residents interact with our Main Street spaces in a safe and secure environment.

All shops on Main Street are themed to provide a sense of home and even trigger fond memories of the past. Our residents love ‘working’ in the Office, dining in the Bistro, and getting pampered in the Beauty Shop. Every day is an opportunity for our residents to enjoy everyday life as they did before entering our care.

The Main Street Experience



The Office is an authentic-looking office space for our residents to ‘work.’ They can pretend to use the phone, type on the typewriter, and create receipts on the calculator. The Office even has a dedicated mailbox, storage system, and comfortable office chair.



The Garden is a dedicated plant nursery for our residents to touch soil, plant seeds, and tend to their plants. The Garden is a vital part of our Main Street for its therapeutic effects for people living with dementia, including stress, anxiety, and depression reduction.



We all deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time. The Vanity Station is a popular business in our Main Street for residents to do just that. They can sit at the dressing table, try on jewelry and accessories, and dress up in beautiful garments.



Our senior living community is safe and secure for residents to spend time in nature. The Courtyard is a popular space for our residents to enjoy, with beautiful plants, landscaped grounds, pathways, and bird feeders. We believe the Courtyard has a calming effect on our residents.



The Bistro is a fun and social place for our residents to gather to enjoy a bite to eat and something to drink. Our residents enjoy spending time with their friends in the Bistro, talking about old times while enjoying delicious treats prepared by our experienced culinary team.



The Theater is a comfortable and fun environment for our residents to watch films, listen to music, and engage with their friends in theater-related programs. We love how the Theater stimulates our residents’ cognitive abilities, brings up memories from the past, and sparks their creativity.


Barber and Beauty Shop

We follow the Sagora Pathways’ principle of dignity, ensuring our residents can take care of their well-being and enjoy a sense of pride in their appearance. Our Barber and Beauty Shop is a popular Main Street business, letting residents enjoy a range of services like haircuts, hairstyling, and hand massages.

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