A Memorable Dining Experience Every Day

There’s more to meal times at Lyndale Abilene Memory Care than meeting our residents’ nutritional needs. We offer a memorable dining experience every day, ensuring our residents’ nourishment, happiness, and comfort at all times.

Nutritious, Delicious, and Visually Appealing

Meal times should be something we look forward to, and we value such an experience here at Lyndale Abilene Memory Care. Our culinary team flexes their creative muscles every day to prepare visually appealing meals and snacks for our residents using local and fresh ingredients.

We prioritize our residents’ unique dietary requirements for their health and well-being.

Catering to Our Residents

Our culinary team always goes the extra mile to prepare delicious and nutritious restaurant-quality meals that we know our residents will enjoy. However, we also know how much it means to our senior living community to enjoy their favorite meals from home.

We love learning our residents’ favorite dishes, snacks, and treats and incorporating them into our weekly menus. Whether it’s a special pie recipe or a soup, we’re dedicated to giving our residents autonomy over their meal choices.

Dining With G.R.A.C.E

Dining with G.R.A.C.E is a Sagora Pathways program designed to promote resident comfort during meal times.

Great food




Every meal every day


We know how challenging meal times can be for our residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. As part of our Dining with G.R.A.C.E program, we take all the stress and frustration out of meal times by creating a comfortable and relaxing dining environment.

Our residents can choose their food and beverages from visually presented menus, helping them to maintain their independence. We also set up our dining rooms for comfort, with ambient lighting and soft music.

Something Different Every Day

Our culinary team loves getting creative in the kitchen. This means that our residents can enjoy a broad range of culinary creations every day – from home-like and hearty to contemporary and gourmet. We create dishes for all palates, preferences, and dietary requirements.

A Set Menu Structure

Our residents enjoy a broad range of dishes but can expect the same meal-time structure every day for consistency. We ensure our residents have access to:








Snacks 24/7

A Social Affair

Meal times ensure our residents get all the nourishment they need for their health and well-being. However, we also see them as a valuable social opportunity. Our intimate dining rooms are arranged for social gatherings, with our residents encouraged to meet new people, form new friendships, and spend time with one another.

Private Family Dining

We’re a family-oriented senior living community and love it when our residents’ families come to visit. Alongside our regular dining spaces and lounges, we also have a private dining room for family and resident use. This room is set up for our residents’ families to enjoy intimate meals together in a warm and comfortable environment.

Incredible Culinary Experiences Await

If fear of the unknown has been holding you back from learning more about our senior living community, we welcome you to schedule a tour of Lyndale Abilene Memory Care today. Our culinary offerings are just one of many outstanding services and amenities our residents get to enjoy every day. Contact us to learn more.